Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LEARN. . . Dying Fabric

Just don't give up ! 
Dream your goals and then live them! 

I have always wanted to learn how to dye fabric; the biggest reason is being able to control my colors. Instead of looking for fabric that would fit with my inspiration, I would be able to design, knowing I could get the right fabric.

For my birthday this year, my husband had a utility sink installed in our basement. I read a couple of books and acquired my supplies.

 I was still a bit nervous to see if I could actually make fabric that I would use in my projects. The answer is, "yes!" I used about 15 different dyes and came up with the stash below.

Now, my mind is whirling with all of the possibilities. If I only could stretch each day to 30 hours....


  1. They look great! I wish I could get over my intimidation on the whole dying thing! It will have to be one of my goals, I think!

  2. We can dye together as we work on the Challenge Quilt!

  3. Cool! I just checked back to see if my comment registered. I didn't realized you had commented back on here. Sorry!