Sunday, November 17, 2013

CHALLENGE: Whimsical

One of the challenges for my 12X12 group earlier this year was "Whimsical."
I was so excited about the Whimsical Challenge and immediately began three months ago what I thought would be a brilliant idea.  I worked on the piece for bit-by-bit, but it seemed to never come together, soooooooooo finally last week, I ditched it and came up with the piece below.
I like that it is a happy and colorful piece. Besides the binding, the quilt began with all white fabric. You also may notice that I varnished the quilt- I just felt it needed the shine; I am glad I did.  I am not quite done with it yet; besides removing the painter's tape on the back holding the binding down on the back :-|, I would like to add a few beads on it.


  1. Do you buy you fabric any place special? Or just collect it from different places over time? - Wendy from toledo

  2. Hi Wendy- Good to hear from you again! I really do not buy a lot of fabric. I began to dye fabric a couple of years ago, so I use that fabric. I also paint on my fabric a lot to create my own pattern.