Sunday, February 16, 2014

ART QUILT GROUP: Life is Like a Box of Crayons....Part II

Color is an intense experience on its own.
                                                                        ~Jim Hodges

Last month I talked about my Art Quilt Group and the our Crayon Challenge for 2014. You can read more about our Crayon Challenge here.

Our February challenge colors were dandelion, raw sienna, and tumbleweed as shown below:  

When we met this past week to show what we made using these three colors, I believe the entire group would agree with the quote at the beginning of this blog was a very intense experience!  I do not believe these colors would have been a color palette anyone in the group would have used voluntarily; thus making this a true challenge!  When we began to share, there were many comments about deserts and dead plants, but each of us had a piece that we are proud of.  

Below are the challenge pieces from the group. 

Here is my piece:

I will talk more about this piece next week, but it is a combination of rolled fabric, machine quilting, hand embroidery, Heishi beads, washers, and sand.  Yes, sand.  I will tell you more about the sand next week.

June's work is below. This is a lovely piece with some wonderful beading in the middle.

Ann's piece is a pyramid with bubbles rising to the top.  Ann is working on a quilt series using circles.

Jackie interpreted the colors as rocks with marsh marigolds.

Diane O. purchased this squiggly template at our guild show in the fall.  It was supposed to be an easy template to work with, but ending being a headache.  In the end, she placed the squiggly cut fabric down and did a raw-edge applique.

Diane S. has decided that her pieces will have a bird theme (last month her piece was called "Crime Scene").  This month she has a roadrunner.  The tree was made using Texture Magic.  If you are unfamiliar with Texture Magic, you can find out more here.

Jenny did circle appliques trimmed with hand embroidery.

Mary was inspired by the Southwest. She felt that the piece needed the black to balance the colors.

Carolyn did two. First, she did a snowy scene in the woods with beech leaves, oak leaves, and crocus.  We are allowed to used black and white with our crayon challenges.  Though she loved this piece, she felt she may have taken the black and white a bit too far so she did a second challenge (I actually thought she was genius with her strategy).

Then Carolyn's second.  She discharges the fabrics by hand.

Jackie revisited the January Challenge and crested these two pieces:

 and the second...

We ended the night by picking March's colors.
Red Orange

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