Wednesday, June 4, 2014

EXPERIMENTATION: Free-motion Eyelets

Sewing mends the soul.  ~Author Unknown

Sometimes UFO's find the right time to become FO's (Finished Objects).  This week was just the case; I had the tiny garden piece below that I began 4-5 years ago. I decided that it just needed some petals and it's final mounting. 

When it began, this piece was made by using free-motion eyelets; essentially, you cut a small hole in your fabric, put you machine on zig zag, drop you feed-dogs, and sew around the edge of the small hole. It comes together much easier than you would anticipate. 

I planned where I wanted my eyelets, made one, then made the hole for the next eyelet as close as I was comfortable to the previous one. 
For the stems, I removed the cross-grain threads from the denim and then covered groups from the straight grain with embroidery thread. 
I decided to mount this piece on a frame, but the issue became that the denim was not large enough to cover the sides.  I chose to add cotton fabric to the sides and am more delighted than if the denim had covered it.  Happy mistakes!

I found this delightful sewing reality show on British television called The Great British Sewing Bee. The show just finished its second season in Britain, but you can view the first season via the link below:
I loved this show because of the people.  I used manage a plant in England and this show brought back memories of the workers.  I believe you, also, will find these contestants every day, lovable people with outstanding skills.  I smiled through much of this first season.



  1. I love this happy little piece Kathy:-) happy mistake for sure. The edging really does make it!