Sunday, September 6, 2015

CHALLENGE: Mystery Material

I often talk about my Art Quilt Group and our monthly challenges.  On our schedule three times this year is incorporating a 'mystery material' provided by one of the members.  A couple of months ago our mystery material was these vintage crocheted stars provided by Jackie.
I decided to rebel a little and make a textile necklace instead of an art quilt. One of my favorite things to 'pin' on Pinterest is textile jewelry. Click for my Fashion- Textile Jewelry board. As I began to plan my necklace, I decided just a bit more rebellion was needed and dyed the stars to match the colors I wear most frequently. Here is the before and after:
I used three strands of book binding waxed cord and sewed a zigzag stitch all of the way down to create the foundation cord. This is one of my favorite techniques! 
To mark felted wool circles so the embroidery stitches were evenly spaced, I used appliqué pins as markers. 
There is thin felted wool between the two stars. 
For the spacer beads, I used plastic pony beads and wrapped silk ribbon around them. 
Already I am wearing this necklace LOTS! It is quickly becoming a favorite. 

If you are looking for more inspiration for textile jewelry, there is a list on TAFA: TAFA Gift Guide: Fiber and Textile Jewelry
 If you are unfamiliar with TAFA, it is The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership association of handmade traditional and contemporary textiles and fiber businesses. TAFA’s members may exhibit, sell, and teach. Here is their homepage: TAFA.

For me, school starts tomorrow; I am looking forward to being back with the students.  Wish me luck!

Until next week....