Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DESIGN. . . Do Over

Have you ever had a do-over? You know, started to make something that you thought would be fabulous, spent lots of time making it, eventually reaching a point of no-return the piece is just awful and find no need to continue?

Yes, you have guessed it...I have such a piece. A year ago, our quilt guild had a challenge to make a quilt with the theme Harvest. My vision was to create a vintage tractor in the field at harvest time beginning with only white fabric of differing textures.

I began with the drawing of the quilt.
I transferred the drawing on varying textured fabric, fussy-cut it, and adhered the layers to my background (sorry this is tough to see).

My next step (this is when trouble came a-brewing) was to color the quilt using colored pencils, paint and dye. Did you hear that crash? My vision and technique had a head-on collision resulting in the quilt below. I debated if I should throw it out; at one point, I believe it was in the trash can. Even my dear husband told me that "not all my creations can be successful" (trust me, these pics make it look much, much better than it is in real life).

Now a year later, I have honed my skills and started using Golden paints (these paints are the platinum of paint). I fished the piece out of storage and am painting my heart out. Stay tuned for the finished piece (hopefully no collisions on the road ahead). Stay tuned for its final destination.


  1. I think this is great. I love what you're working on. Can't wait to see it done! And yes, that happens to me a lot. Or I get the idea, but I'm crippled by fear of this happening, so I don't even start.

    1. I have had that "don't" even start happen to me also. Like learning to dye fabric, hubby got my dyeing sink for me in January and couldn't bring myself to try it until May.