Monday, July 2, 2012

CHALLENGE: Up for a Challenge

A few months ago, I was invited to be part of a challenge group called Up for a Challenge with 12 members that create 12" x 12" quilts based on a quarterly challenge.  Our first challenge was 'Island'.  Below is my creation.  To see all of the members' works, hop over to our collective blog:

— n
1.a figure or surface generated by successive subdivisions of asimpler polygon or 
polyhedron, according to some iterative process

I have been intrigued with fractals for a long time. When looking at fractals, I envision islands, thus my creation Fractal Island.
The main fractal portion is covered in a fine wire mesh.That I embroidered, painted and sewed through.

There is a cluster of seed beads that follow the spiral.   Lastly, trumpunto was used to give the piece 3-dimension.

This has been a fun challenge!

Kathy Kerstetter
Kalamazoo, MI


  1. Love it Kathy! That's a lot of techniques for a 12 x 12 piece!

  2. It really turned out neat, Kathy! I always enjoy your work! It is always so intriguing!