Sunday, December 15, 2013

LEARN: Silk Unraveled

This is re-posted from two years ago.  I recently wore this vest and it is still one of my favorites!

Nearly everyman who develops an idea works at it 
up to the point  where it looks impossible and then gets discouraged. 
That's not the place to become discouraged.
                                                                             ~Thomas A. Edison     

From my library....   I have a section in my library that is just all my favorite art-related books. These are the books that I can look at over-and-over again. Silk Unraveled by Lorna Moffat is one of those books. The above quote reminds me of how she was able to finish this book because her mother, Liz, took care of the kids. this allowed her to go into her studio and close the door- what a gift!

The vest above is one of the projects in the book.  It is made by layering different silks, stitching the motifs and then cutting away varying layers.  This book helped give me a different perspective on how to use silk in my projects.  I enjoyed the process and especially the end product!

What are some of your favorite art-related books?

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