Saturday, December 7, 2013

CHALLENGE: Travel Dreams

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before.
~Dali Lama

My local quilt guild had its biennial quilt show this fall. My favorite part of the show was the challenge quilts...I love, love making challenge quilts. The theme this year was Travel Dreams. I decided to make a postcard with postcards quilt from places I had visited. 

I printed postcard images from the internet onto fabric. Once printed, they seemed a bit dull so I got out paints, colored pencils, beads, crystals and glitter and 'went to town'. I satin stitched around the edge of each postcard. I assembled all the postcards to the quilt below:

The next few pictures show a quick tour around the edge of the piece.

Here are a few of my favorite postcards. 
Kalamazoo has real birch bark on the canoe, feathers for the indian's headdress, and a cloth loin cloth. 
It is tough to see here, but all the black lines on the Charleston card are machine stitching. 

Look closely and you will see that the thatched roof is made with long embroidery stitches. 

Enjoy my travels!

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