Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration Wednesday (Puerto Vallarta)

A few years ago my sister, brother-in-law, husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on vacation. We fell in love with the boardwalk on the shoreline in downtown; all along the walk they have statues made by different artists. 

Our favorite statue was  called 'Searching for Reason' by Bustamante (above).  My husband uses this photo as wallpaper on his computer. 

 So inspiring!


  1. That is amazing. It sort of reminds me of the sculpture garden my husband and I went to in Norway (Oslo). It was amazing. And we almost missed it. Good thing a friend strongly recommended it. I really love that last sculpture in your post, and it reminds me the most of the one in Oslo.

    1. I will have to look up the sculpture garden in Oslo- sounds interesting. Travel gets my creating juices flowing!