Friday, March 9, 2012

One Man's Trash is NOT Always Another Man's Treasure

I am  excited to be returning to Valley Ridge Art Studio in Wisconsin this summer to take another workshop.  The last two years, I have taken classes from Beryl Taylor and have had a amazing time.

If you are not familiar with Valley Ridge Art Studio, here is more information about it:

Definitely worth the travel and time to get there.

This year, I have decided to stretch myself and more away from the textiles.  I am excited to be taking a class from Michael DeMeng.  If you are unfamiliar with Michael Demeng, here is his website:

Here is his blog:

I own both of his books and they are enjoyable to read (he has a wicked sense of humor!).   This is the one that I am reading to get ready for this summer:

OK, now to the funny part of the story...I have thought about what I could make for this fun class and came up with an idea.  Hubby and I happened to be downtown Kalamazoo so we went into our fabulous restoration store.

Upon entering the store, the owner asked if he could help us find anything.I said, "Just looking for some junk".  The owner was not happy with this and said, "We do not sell junk, we sell recycled items."  Oops!  I did not mean to insult the man  AND if he knew me, he would know that I call all of my treasures, JUNK!

Hubby and I began to collect items and I would ask the price of things.  He would say $5.00 or $6.00 or $10.00.  By the time I got my collection, I figured I had $30+ in goods (not junk!).  I went to the register to pay and tried to add a drawer from an old vanity; when he saw the drawer, he told me that he does not sell drawers, he uses drawers to store items in, he would not sell it to me and promptly put it behind the counter. OK, I have time to find a replacement.

Now comes the magical part, he says, "What are you going to do with these items?".  I ask if he is familiar with Michael DeMeng and relay that I am taking a class in Wisconsin this summer and began to explain how the items would be used...the spring will be hair, the casters will be feet, etc.  He stopped, put the drawer back on the counter, placed all my items in it and said, $10!

Moral of the man's trash is NOT always another man's treasure.  In this case, we both say it as treasure AND I will never call it "junk" again (well at least I won't say it in public!). 

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