Friday, March 23, 2012


Apart from yoga, meditation, reading, needlework has to be one of the most serene things to do. Don't lose your needles though, that can create a severe lack of serenity.  
--Carole Berman/Jennifer Lazarus The Needlepoint Collection 

The first quilt I made was in a class.  I remember how proud I was of it; I also remember once I had the binding stitched around the front of the quilt, I was shocked and dismayed to find that I would have to hand-sew it to the back of the quilt.  My fellow classmates had the same feelings; we kept inquiring if there was anyway around this hand-stitching aspect of the project.  I bit the bullet and painstakingly finished it.

                                    Fast forward fifteen years and it seems like hand-stitching has become my primary method of creating my works.  Now I cannot imagine a day without picking up a needle and thread to sew. 

As my love of hand-sewing grew, so did my collection of embroidery thread.  I soon found that I had embroidery threads tucked everywhere in my studio.  Alas, I found a cabinet from DMC that solved my problem perfectly. I now feel organized!

Below are photos of my cabinet and my embroidery stash.

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  1. Wow! What a great stash and a great cabinet. I would love one of those! I love hand stitching, too, when it's on my terms. There are some things I don't enjoy hand stitching (like hand piecing), though. But I will say, the more and more I sew, the more I enjoy hand stitching!